Taboo Phone Sex

By , June 30, 2012

I’m your taboo phone sex cock tease and can’t wait to get naughty with you! I have so much fun with all our fantasies and just letting go with a hot, naughty role play we can both cum with. Sound fun? I think so too! I’ve been so naughty this week and can’t wait to tell you about all the awesome things I’ve been up to.

I had such a nice talk with DM and caught up a little since he’s been working so much lately and hasn’t had time to play. He told me it won’t be long before we continue our role play and teased me a little about how hot and fun it’s going to be without even giving me a hint of what happens next. I’m supposed to be the one teasing. *giggles DM’s so sweet!

Taboo phone sex is so hot and GC had a totally dirty, hot adult diaper role play for us that was so fun. I wore my adult diaper all day and was so wet and messy by the time he took me to his private Domination/submissive club. My dirty diaper was already full and I couldn’t hold it anymore so it wasn’t long before my golden showers were streaming down my leg. It was so humiliating but exciting to serve him in public too. Our toilet play is always fun!

I’ve been peeking through the door, watching PB fuck my Mommy since they started dating and wanted to have some fun with him too. I was a little preteen in our age play fantasy and in my bra and panties when I asked him to come in my room. I was such a little cock tease and when I saw that bulge in his pants I knew I was going to get just what I wanted. I hugged him and he started caressing me and it wasn’t long before I was sucking his big dick and talking him into licking my pussy and popping my cherry too. He fucked me so hard and our age play fantasy was awesome!

Being a naughty young teen accomplice in our age play fantasy with Daddy KH is always hot! I brought home a preteen girl I tricked into coming home with me for Daddy to play with. She was in a skimpy little bikini at the pool and looked like she was ready to get naughty with us. My Dad took pics while I helped her out of her bikini, licked her nipples and rubbed her little pussy. We sucked Daddy’s big dick together and then I moved her on top of him so she could fuck him. I sat on her face while he fucked her and even have a cage to keep her in until she’s our willing fuck slut. We’re going to turn her into my new slutty little sister so we can play all the time. It’s awesome!

My panty boy DG had several hot fantasies for us. He listened in while I told a friend what a good panty boy he is and made plans for him to help with her 4th of July party. We talked about how to punish him and put him in diapers to if he’s naughty or slacks off. Later, he listened to me tell another friend about how I had to punish him and got some good ideas from her for new ways to punish him when I need to. Spankings, paddles, making him wear diapers with a baby bonnet and big bottle and taking him shopping for panties but not letting him touch or buy anything were a few of the awesome ideas we came up with. We had another fantasy with the sissy training he needs so he can help train other panty boys too. I had so much fun with all of our fantasies!

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