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By , July 3, 2016


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but your dirty cock tease phone sex slut is always hot, wet and ready for you. There’s been some changes going on behind the scenes with my site and even if this is my last post here, you can always find me on my personal Cock Tease Phone Sex page at Taboo Temptations which is the company directory site for the service.

For anyone who doesn’t know me yet, I’m an anything goes kind of girl and can’t get enough of our naughty fantasies. I’m always ready for anything from a sensual, romantic fantasy to the wildest, deviant extreme role play you can think of. I enjoy it all!

I have a secret to share with you if you like age play fantasies and she can or I can be as young as you want. Our little fuck toy can be an innocent girl who has never seen a dick before or a slutty little thing who craves your cock like I do. If you like incest fantasies as much as I do, you could be my big brother and blackmail me when you catch me doing something I shouldn’t when Mom and Dad aren’t home. Don’t just blackmail me, fuck me! I’ll be your dirty cheating wife who has been fucking men who have a huge black cock for me. Maybe I’ll get pregnant. Let your imagination go anywhere you want in our role play. Even though I mentioned age play and incest fantasies here, I’m always looking forward to any kind of role play you have in mind for us. Like I said, anything goes with me!

If you just found this page, I hope you pop over to see my bio on my taboo page too (remember, use the link above to get there). I’m sure you’ll find we have lots in common with our fetishes and fantasies and give me a call so I can be your dirty teasing Princess. If you’ve been here before, what are you waiting for? Call me. I want to cum with you!

Dylan 1-877-742-8124


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