Underage Phone Sex

By , November 5, 2015


Gia and I were young teens for Daddy in our two girl underage phone sex incest fantasy. I got her all ready for her first special date with our Dad in his room. I did her hair and makeup, picked out a sexy outfit and took her to his room. We did a naughty little strip tease together and then gave him a two girl blowjob so my sister wouldn’t be so nervous. Sucking his big dick together was so much fun!

I was his twisted little accomplice and tied my sister up so Daddy could rape her. I licked her pussy and kissed her and helped guide his big dick in her tight little pussy. We’re going to have so much more fun now that she’s broken in and ready to be a dirty fuck toy with me. It’s going to be awesome!

Another Daddy taught me how to be his underage phone sex cock sucking slut in our incest fantasy. I sucked his dick all the way down my throat and then he turned me around and taught me how to 69. It felt so good when he licked my pussy and it made me suck him even harder. He let me get on top and ride his cock and fucking him felt so good. I want more of that big dick.

Gia and I make a great two girl team for your underage phone sex threesome fantasies. We’re both anything goes girls and will be as young as you want. Give us a call and see. We’re always in the mood to get naughty with you!

Dylan 1-877-742-8124  and  Gia 1-888-878-1918


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