Incest Phone Sex

By , October 29, 2015


It’s Halloween week and I’m looking for lots of taboo incest phone sex fantasies. I need a Daddy or big brother to take me trick or treating if I’m your young daughter or little sister in an underage fantasy. If I’m a little older a party at home or on your campus would be fun. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I’m already hot, wet and ready to find out what you have in mind for our role plays.

I had an early Halloween role play with my big brother and his friends. They tricked me into being their kidnapping accomplice. I would go up to girls who were trick or treating and tell them about the candy my big brother had for them. He had me bring two or three girls over so he could kidnap them and he drove them to an old shack in the woods. His friends and him had a little gangbang fun before they’d take them back and send me off to help kidnap more girls for them.

I told him it wasn’t fair and totally not right that all of those girls got fucked and I didn’t. I said I’d never be his accomplice again unless I got some dick and wanted it right then. His friends wanted in too so my brother let me suck his dick first to get him hard, then suck one of his friends while my big brother fucked me. They took turns until all of my holes were full of cum. Our incest phone sex fantasy was so hot and I want more!

Call and tell me your taboo incest phone sex fantasies and have some naughty fantasies and cum with me with a hot Halloween fantasy. I’ll do any role play you want with no limits at all. We’ll have so much fun!

Dylan 1-877-742-8124


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