Cock Tease Phone Sex

By , October 9, 2015


I always like being a cock tease phone sex slut for you in our naughty role plays. There’s so many things we can do and I always get off with a taboo incest fantasy just like you do.

I told Daddy about teasing the men at the shelter after school in our extreme age play fantasy. I told all of the men who had a big black cock for me that my Daddy was having a party and they could fuck my preteen pussy, ass and mouth all day. Daddy likes to watch when we have black cock gangbang parties and I take all of those huge cocks for him.

It’s fun being an accomplice for you and bringing my preteen cousin over for you to play with in a taboo age play fantasy. I’ll take her little cotton panties off of her for you and let her dance around, showing off her little preteen ass while you jerk off and cum all over her little butt. I’ll do anything for you, even make my little cousin your cum catcher and a cock tease phone sex slut just like me.

How about a pedo Stepdad role play? I could go to one of your card games and fuck all of your friends for a nice piece of their winnings. My Stepdad gets a discount though and only pays half of what his friends do. Sound fun?

What if I show my Dad what I learned from looking through the magazines I found hidden under your dresser. You could set my phone up to video your daughter giving you a blowjob and then fucking me while I say you’re raping your little girl. That would be such a fun home movie to make.

I’ll be your cock tease phone sex Princess in any fantasy you want with no limits for our age play fun. I can’t wait to cum with you. Call me.

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