Underage Phone Sex

By , September 25, 2015


Anything goes for our underage phone sex fantasies. I’ll be as young and naughty as you want in our role plays.

Daddy said my skirt was too short in our incest and age play fantasy and forced me to strip in front of him. He made me give him a blowjob and then forced his big dick in my preteen pussy and raped me. I begged him to make sure he didn’t get me pregnant so he fucked my ass and make me suck his dick. So, should I make sure my skirts are a bit longer or even shorter?

My little sister and I were at the mall when we met a man who bought us some pretty outfits. He said he was a photographer and took us back to his place to make us his new models. We posed for him, even had a bit of two girl fun, kissing and caressing each other, and then he said we needed to pay for his work. We couldn’t so he told us what to do and took pics he can sell of us having incest sex until he came all over us in our underage phone sex fantasy.

I had so much fun looking at (legal) little girl pix with my hot and naughty caller. Anything goes for our role play so I was his accomplice and we had some rough sex fun with her. I forced her to deep throat his dick and held her while he fucked all of her little holes going pussy to mouth and ass to mouth on her. I like being a perverted accomplice!

I want to be your dirty, teasing Princess for all of your underage phone sex fantasies. Call and cum with me.

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