Incest Phone Sex

By , September 15, 2015


I’ve had some very hot incest phone sex fantasies and if you’re looking for an idea for our call, these are some fun ones.

In a hot underage two girl call I had with Rhonda, my big sister helped our Dad break me in. I was still a preteen, almost a teen in our age play fantasy, and she’s been helping me practice sucking on Mommy’s dildo so I’d be a good cock sucking slut for him. We took turns sucking his big dick and he fucked both of us too. My sister held me down because it was going to hurt when he first fucked me, but then it felt really good so she sat on my face and I licked her pussy while he fucked me. Our two girl threesome was hot and Rhonda and I made a great big and little sister team.

I had a sleepover with a friend from school and had told her about how my Dad fucks me almost every day. She wanted him to fuck her too so she stayed over so we could take his pants and underwear off of him and give him a two girl blowjob. He fucked my friend first and then me and she shared my cream pie with me. Our incest phone sex threesome was hot!

Mommy hardly ever gives my Stepdad a blowjob anymore but I will. We had two hot underage Stepdaughter calls and I sucked his big dick all the way down my throat for him. If Mommy won’t, I sure will! Both of our fantasies were awesome and I can’t wait to suck that big dick again.

When my teacher called Daddy I thought I was in trouble, but she just told him about how I said I wanted to be a black cock slut when I grow up. I told all of my teacher’s that and Daddy asked if I wanted to do that now instead of waiting to grow up to do it. I was so excited! If I call the janitor and some of the teachers a really bad name, they’ll bring their friends over to gangbang me. I can’t wait! I want lots of big black cock and in all of my very little holes at the same time in our extremely young underage fantasy. After I swallow all of their cum, I want to suck Daddy’s dick and swallow his load too. Yummy!

What’s your favorite incest phone sex fantasy? Make it a two girl threesome with Rhonda and I and that will be even more fun. Call and cum with us.

Dylan 1-877-742-8124  and  Rhonda 1-877-953-7369


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