Taboo Phone Sex

By , September 10, 2015


I’m always ready for any kind of taboo phone sex fantasy and the incest role play’s I’ve had lately have been fucking awesome.

My Uncle was fed up with his bratty teen niece in our age play fantasy, especially when she’s showing off when her friend is there. I was his accomplice and helped torture them. We glued them together, put them in a clear container and put spiders inside, ants, scalding coffee and tortured them in our extreme snuff fantasy. It was so fun.

Mommy told me I was going to meet her friend, dropped me off at a cheap motel and gave me to a man she owes money to. He forced me to strip, give him a blowjob and fucked all my holes. He fucked me bareback too so he could get me pregnant too in our taboo phone sex fantasy. I told him I’m telling Daddy on him.

Trading incest stories is awesome and I couldn’t wait to tell my caller how I was so horny earlier that I called my youngest big brother to get me off. He told me about someone he knew who gave her Grandpa blowjobs and he butt fucked her too. Isn’t that hot?

I don’t have any limits at all for our age play fantasies and if you’re in the mood to have some fun with your dirty, teasing Princess, call me for all of your taboo phone sex fantasy fun. Talk to you soon!

Dylan 1-877-742-8124


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