Underage Phone Sex

By , August 9, 2015


I had a hot two girl underage phone sex fantasy with Lauren and her caller. She was my Mommy and I was an innocent teen in our incest role play and he was Mommy’s coworker.

I really don’t know much about sex and Mom thought it was time I learned. I think a big part of that decision was because she was really horny. She had her coworker come over and called me downstairs to meet him. That’s when I found out he was there to watch our two girl incest play and make sure Mom doesn’t forget to teach me something important. As if she would.

She told me to slide out of my clothes and I was so nervous. I tried to resist but she told me this was important and going to happen so I did what I was told. He watched while she teased my nipples, licked my pussy and had me lick hers and then he joined in so I could learn how to give him a blowjob and to fuck me too. He fucked Mommy too and we had an awesome underage phone sex threesome.

Two girl threesomes are always hot and very fun role plays and we make an awesome, hot, fanfuckingtastic team for your threesome’s. You should try us if you haven’t already. It’ll be fun!

I’m always ready for a taboo underage phone sex fantasy and will be as young as you want with no limits at all. Also, thank you both for having me join in! It was awesome!

Dylan 1-877-742-8124  and  Lauren 1-877-513-6897


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