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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but your dirty cock tease phone sex slut is always hot, wet and ready for you. There’s been some changes going on behind the scenes with my site and even if this is my last post here, you can always find me on my personal Cock Tease Phone Sex page at Taboo Temptations which is the company directory site for the service.

For anyone who doesn’t know me yet, I’m an anything goes kind of girl and can’t get enough of our naughty fantasies. I’m always ready for anything from a sensual, romantic fantasy to the wildest, deviant extreme role play you can think of. I enjoy it all!

I have a secret to share with you if you like age play fantasies and she can or I can be as young as you want. Our little fuck toy can be an innocent girl who has never seen a dick before or a slutty little thing who craves your cock like I do. If you like incest fantasies as much as I do, you could be my big brother and blackmail me when you catch me doing something I shouldn’t when Mom and Dad aren’t home. Don’t just blackmail me, fuck me! I’ll be your dirty cheating wife who has been fucking men who have a huge black cock for me. Maybe I’ll get pregnant. Let your imagination go anywhere you want in our role play. Even though I mentioned age play and incest fantasies here, I’m always looking forward to any kind of role play you have in mind for us. Like I said, anything goes with me!

If you just found this page, I hope you pop over to see my bio on my taboo page too (remember, use the link above to get there). I’m sure you’ll find we have lots in common with our fetishes and fantasies and give me a call so I can be your dirty teasing Princess. If you’ve been here before, what are you waiting for? Call me. I want to cum with you!

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Underage Phone Sex


Gia and I were young teens for Daddy in our two girl underage phone sex incest fantasy. I got her all ready for her first special date with our Dad in his room. I did her hair and makeup, picked out a sexy outfit and took her to his room. We did a naughty little strip tease together and then gave him a two girl blowjob so my sister wouldn’t be so nervous. Sucking his big dick together was so much fun!

I was his twisted little accomplice and tied my sister up so Daddy could rape her. I licked her pussy and kissed her and helped guide his big dick in her tight little pussy. We’re going to have so much more fun now that she’s broken in and ready to be a dirty fuck toy with me. It’s going to be awesome!

Another Daddy taught me how to be his underage phone sex cock sucking slut in our incest fantasy. I sucked his dick all the way down my throat and then he turned me around and taught me how to 69. It felt so good when he licked my pussy and it made me suck him even harder. He let me get on top and ride his cock and fucking him felt so good. I want more of that big dick.

Gia and I make a great two girl team for your underage phone sex threesome fantasies. We’re both anything goes girls and will be as young as you want. Give us a call and see. We’re always in the mood to get naughty with you!

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Incest Phone Sex


It’s Halloween week and I’m looking for lots of taboo incest phone sex fantasies. I need a Daddy or big brother to take me trick or treating if I’m your young daughter or little sister in an underage fantasy. If I’m a little older a party at home or on your campus would be fun. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I’m already hot, wet and ready to find out what you have in mind for our role plays.

I had an early Halloween role play with my big brother and his friends. They tricked me into being their kidnapping accomplice. I would go up to girls who were trick or treating and tell them about the candy my big brother had for them. He had me bring two or three girls over so he could kidnap them and he drove them to an old shack in the woods. His friends and him had a little gangbang fun before they’d take them back and send me off to help kidnap more girls for them.

I told him it wasn’t fair and totally not right that all of those girls got fucked and I didn’t. I said I’d never be his accomplice again unless I got some dick and wanted it right then. His friends wanted in too so my brother let me suck his dick first to get him hard, then suck one of his friends while my big brother fucked me. They took turns until all of my holes were full of cum. Our incest phone sex fantasy was so hot and I want more!

Call and tell me your taboo incest phone sex fantasies and have some naughty fantasies and cum with me with a hot Halloween fantasy. I’ll do any role play you want with no limits at all. We’ll have so much fun!

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Taboo Phone Sex


I’ve had some fun incest taboo phone sex fantasies this week and am always ready for more. I’ll do anything you want in our role pays with no limits at all. If that sounds good, we’re going to have lots of fun.

I told a friend about the cheap apartment Mom and I had when I was a young preteen in our underage fantasy. Even with as cheap as it was she still couldn’t pay the rent and the landlord said he was getting bored with her blowjob’s and wanted more. She had me put on a show with her and we did a strip tease for a week rent free, we had a little incest 69 fun for a month free and kept going until he fucked me for a year there rent free. I’ll do anything to help out Mommy.

When I got home from school I told Daddy what a hot little cock tease I was for the bus driver, my teacher, the Principal and neighbor’s. Daddy fucked my little preteen pussy hard in our incest fantasy when I told him I even fucked the neighbor’s wife with her big strap on dick. I like being his naughty little cock tease.

My Stepdad was jerking off in his room in our taboo phone sex fantasy. I watched for a couple minutes before I went in and asked if I could help make him cum. I stroked his dick, gave him a blowjob and licked his balls; then he fingered my little ass while we had some 69 fun too. I rode his big dick until he came inside me and it feels so good when he fucks me.

We were home alone when my big brother said he was going to teach me about sex. He had me slide out of my clothes, laid me back on the bed and licked my pussy while he fingered my pussy and ass too. It felt so good! He made me cum and then fucked me and made me cum again when he blew his load inside me. He was amazing!

What are your favorite taboo phone sex fantasies? I’ll do anything you want in our role plays. Call and see.

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Cock Tease Phone Sex


I always like being a cock tease phone sex slut for you in our naughty role plays. There’s so many things we can do and I always get off with a taboo incest fantasy just like you do.

I told Daddy about teasing the men at the shelter after school in our extreme age play fantasy. I told all of the men who had a big black cock for me that my Daddy was having a party and they could fuck my preteen pussy, ass and mouth all day. Daddy likes to watch when we have black cock gangbang parties and I take all of those huge cocks for him.

It’s fun being an accomplice for you and bringing my preteen cousin over for you to play with in a taboo age play fantasy. I’ll take her little cotton panties off of her for you and let her dance around, showing off her little preteen ass while you jerk off and cum all over her little butt. I’ll do anything for you, even make my little cousin your cum catcher and a cock tease phone sex slut just like me.

How about a pedo Stepdad role play? I could go to one of your card games and fuck all of your friends for a nice piece of their winnings. My Stepdad gets a discount though and only pays half of what his friends do. Sound fun?

What if I show my Dad what I learned from looking through the magazines I found hidden under your dresser. You could set my phone up to video your daughter giving you a blowjob and then fucking me while I say you’re raping your little girl. That would be such a fun home movie to make.

I’ll be your cock tease phone sex Princess in any fantasy you want with no limits for our age play fun. I can’t wait to cum with you. Call me.

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